2nd week - The seed of change

The gist

This was the week when things actually started to turn around in my head. I resisted temptations, refused my brain’s screams for something, and tried to calm myself down.

What am I trackingStats
Weekly satisfaction7/10
Weekly reading38 mins
Weekly learning122 mins
Weekly building things0 mins

Brain training takes time

I don’t know about others, but my brain took its time adjusting to the new ways of living. May be that’s the struggle we have to face. I am one of those people whose brain is always noisy. There’s something going on inside my head, all the time. I wanted to control my eating habits, where I tell my brain what I want, not the other way around. It started to happen this week, albeit slow and unsteady.

Holidays finally arrived

Friday was the last working day, as we head into the Christmas break and the new year. We travelled to Melbourne, and my fitness plans were kind of put on hold.

An increase in self-awareness

Nevertheless, this holiday-inducing week brought in a heightened sense of self-awareness for me. I felt ever so slightly in control.

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