Choosing Jekyll

Choosing Jekyll

Wordpress or Jekyll? Or should I just use Medium as my own medium of expression? These questions were floating in my mind when I was trying to land on a blogging platform. If you are interested to know how and why I chose Jekyll, read on!

The primary reason, that drove me to Jekyll was being able to type into a text editor. There is a sense of magic in using a text editor, a dark wall staring back at you, waiting for your input in its truest form. While Wordpress is the tool for blogging on the internet, its online editing interface made me feel like I was using a third-party platform to say what I wanted to say. The closest corollary that comes to mind is what driving purists mean when they say their car is more connected to the road.

Jekyll gives you that bare-metal feeling. It lets you sit where the cogs are. It makes you wonder more about the basics, the fundamentals, the structure of things.

What Jekyll doesn’t give you, VS Code does. Need spell checks? No problem. There are also a few handy extensions that make a Jekyller’s life easy.

Being a designer, working with Jekyll also takes me out of my comfort zone, and forces me to learn new things, things that I’d rather not learn if I didn’t have to.

So here we are, Jekyll and I, working together to present to you, Adnan’s Space. My blog doesn’t have a particular theme, because it’s hard to put humans in boxes. So I’d talk about everything that comes to mind. Helpfully, Google takes you to these unknown corners of the web only when you actually are searching for something relevant.

Now then, time to think about what I actually want to write about… because this post is just meta.

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Choosing Jekyll