Ycombinator Startup School groups

Serendipity it was. I was browsing Hacker News as usual, for no particular reason, and up came a comment talking about Startup School 2019. I looked it up, and about 24 hours remained before the entry submissions were to be closed.

I applied right then, without even talking to my co-founder. I just knew he’d appreciate my initiative.

And it didn’t take long before I was informed that Everyuser had been accepted. I was overjoyed. Then I realised it was accepting just anyone who applied. Ycombinator was telling us, that the world of startups is a permission-less model. There are no gatekeepers. If you’re good, you’ll succeed. All you need is a little bit of initiative, a pinch of inspiration and a whole lot of hard work.

I had heard about Startup School in the past, but I’d been skeptical so far. What value would it provide to those who sign up, beyond the videos which are widely available anyway? Turns out I was wrong. I didn’t know myself, what I really wanted.

What I really wanted was impetus. The urge to work on my startup harder than ever. And I found out that when you start talking openly about your project, a certain sense of ownership, accountability and responsibility just dawns upon you.

It’s daunting to talk about your idea, among people you’ve never met. That’s exactly what we did when we had our first Startup School group meeting last week. But at the same time, that group meeting gave us that impetus to work harder on our project. With a bit more focus and an extra dose of energy.

Yes, Startup School also populates the funnel that feeds into the core Ycombinator program, but that’s besides the point. What Startup School is really doing, is to make the attendees look inwards. Are you, the startup, solving the right problem? Are you progressing at a speed you’d be happy with? This is what every startup really wants.

And this is just the beginning, the very first week of our 12 week journey.

Ycombinator itself has made something people want.