The first week - Nothing changed

The gist

Nothing really happened. I went back and forth a few times this first week, with predictable results; nothing changed. Joining Orange Theory was a game-changer though.

What am I trackingStats
Weekly satisfaction5/10
Weekly reading36 mins
Weekly learning114 mins
Weekly building things0 mins

7 chances in a week

There are 7 days in a week, which means 7 chances to do what you set out to do as a weekly goal. This week, my primary goal was to stay mindful of the new way of life. I took note of the fact that I am not going to be perfect right from the get go, and a slip here and there in my habits is bound to happen. What was key for me this week, was to have a start, no matter how small.

The first three days

The first three days of the week were super busy at work, and so I just didn’t have enough energy left in me to do any exercise before or after work. There was a major showcase coming up, and I had to prepare a few things for it. This took a toll on my other-wise bullet-proof eating habits.

Orange Theory is amazing

The one thing I pushed ahead with, was another fitness class with Orange Theory. The best part of Orange Theory is that there’s no turning back once the class starts. For people like me who struggle with fitness discipline, Orange Theory is amazing. It might’ve been the social angle of the class, or was it just because I had booked the class so I had to go? I am not really sure. But it was great.

The 4th day

The 4th day was a turning point. I stayed mindful, pushed away a reckless thought of munching on some snacks when I didn’t actually need to eat, and went for a walk.

Day 5,6 and 7

I took two steps back, before I took another step forward. Progress was slow, and it looked like the week was going by without much happening. My vital stats stayed roughly the same.

Hip joint woes

My hip joint had a serious pain after a couple of initial sessions at Orange Theory. I took a break of about 3 days, and then joined another class. It was all fine from then onwards.

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