The inflection point in self improvement

The gist
The point where I decided to change course. It was many things, over many moments. Change only happens when we’re actually ready for it.

Not one, but many things
When I finally became ready to change direction in my self improvement journey, I wanted to look around and find something that made it happen. I wanted to make it tangible. Watching that movie did it for me, or my mom said something that left a lasting impression on me. But none of that happened. Or all of them happened and none could create that inflection point for me alone.

Reality (for me) is that inflection points are a result of many things over a period of time. It’s hard to tell, and when it happens, you can safely attribute it to a whiff of fresh air that morning.

Reality is that when you’re looking for something as your touchstone moment, you are already late. It should’ve started yesterday.

Inflection points are sometimes years in the making
In my case, it was literally years. I don’t know why or how it happened, but I let slip my personal health and circumstances for far too long. I should’ve/ could’ve wrest control much, much earlier. But that’s just would’ve, could’ve and should’ve. Reality again strikes, and tells me it’s the month of December, year 2021. There’s no turning time back, so I just feel grateful that I’ve arrived at this moment, and I better make the best with whatever time I have left on the beautiful planet, Earth.

What does the inflection point mean for me?
I think it means that I recognise I need to improve, and start tracking what I am currently doing. I’ve decided to post weekly stats of what I am tracking (see the table above). Every week, I’ll post updates to this, vow to track this over the course of the next year (2022).

Why these things in particular? Well, I believe my biggest impediment is fitness right now, so that’s top of the list. The rest are things that are dear to me, and I might make slight changes to the things I track as I go.

Change comes from within, external factors are just helpers/ hurdles
Looking back, I think the change always comes from within. There’s no external factor that will do it for you. You just need to become ready to accept the change.

Will it bring difficulties?
I believe so. Most times we find for ourselves the path of least resistance, leading to problems. Sure enough, trying to course-correct will bring many difficulties, annoyances and will need discipline.

I think I am finally ready for this.