The zero week

The gist

It’s hard to accept change in habits and routines, and the brain fights hard to maintain status quo. Week zero was a struggle to get out of the mould of previous habits, and begin the new beginning. I needed several reminders to myself.

What am I trackingStats
Weekly satisfaction5/10
Weekly reading31 mins
Weekly learning22 mins
Weekly building things0 mins

A sputtering start

The start of Week ‘0’ was more like the ‘O’ week at university, where you just hang around, but not actually start anything. It felt like I’d committed to making a change, but mentally I wasn’t consciously doing what I committed to myself.

This happened throughout the week.

Signing up for Orange Theory

The one right thing I did do was to sign up for Orange Theory fitness classes. The first class was a 60 minute workout, which included running rampantly on a treadmill, rowing on a water rowing machine, and lifting some weights. The second class however, caused me some literal pains in the backside, no joke. I dutifully rested for the rest of the week.

Reading included some listening time

I tend to listen to books more than read them. The total reading time of 31 mins included the time spent listening to Drive by Daniel Pink.

Chess got slightly better

My chess rating improved slightly on Lichess, to 1791. This might be owing to the fact that I knew I’d be recording my rating, and just playing a bit more mindfully.

In essence

In essence, this week was more of what I’ve done before, than what I wanted to do. I guess I need a constant reminder to myself about the change I am looking to bring in. It will come, now that I’ve started documenting.


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